Studio CRR

Studio CRR is an independent, interdisciplinary Zurich based design consultancy. Working with a broad range of clients from privately owned companies to multinational corporations and cultural institutions, Studio CRR follows its design principles to craft effective, thoughtful and distinctive strategy and concept driven design solutions. These comprise of visual language, corporate design, corporate publishing, editorial design, architecture as well as digital and web-based projects.

Studio CRR draws on a wide range of talents including graphic design, typography, photography, architecture and cultural management establishing the studio a reputation for precise simple, successful and effective design projects.

Studio CRR was founded in 2001 by Christian Riis Ruggaber and is based in Zurich, Switzerland.

For new business, projects enquiries or for a visit to the studio for a cup of coffee, please do not hesitate to contact either Christian Riis Ruggaber or the studio.

Studio CRR
Freilagerstrasse 25
8047 Z├╝rich Switzerland

T +41 44 440 41 41

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