Corporate Identity
Berliner Festspiele

Berliner Festspiele

Studio CRR was commissioned after an extensive international creative evaluation to craft a new corporate design program to re-brand the Berliner Festspiele — a unique body of art festivals in Berlin. The multicultural and contemporary characters of the different festivals united in the Berliner Festspiele offer a wide-ranging artistic program with content spanning music, dance, theatre, literature and the visual arts. Thus, Studio CRR responded to the brief – to develop a corporate design uniting all festivals within the body of the Berliner Festspiele under one visual language – with a visual system not enforcing preset design elements but cultivating the aesthetic diversity.

Studio CRR developed a set of simple visual elements which enfold the diverse visual aesthetics of the individual festivals enabling the use of different typefaces, different photography to reveal the visual beauty of the arts performed. Yet ensuring through a distinct visual direction in the graphical treatment of publications, printed matter and digital medias a concise visual appearance for the entire operational body of the Berliner Festspiele.

For more detailled information on this extensive project, please do not hesitate to contact the studio.

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