Chascha — Kitchen system

With the kitchen system Cascha (rumantsch, box) Studio CRR has drafted its very first furniture design project: The system consists of the modules Cascha (box), Platta (stove), Spensa (kitchen cabinet) and Maisa, Banc and Taburet (table, bench and stool). The modular kitchen furniture is based on the Chascha, a single box as a key module delivering the proportions and the systematic approach of the design. Thus, combining a set of boxes with the Platta" forms the kitchen counter, a stack of *Chascha" defines the size of the *Spensa providing the modular flexibility to fit into various architectural structures. The additional furnitures Maisa, Banc and Taburet have been designed following the dimensions of the Cascha what enables integration of the drawers within the Banc.

The materialization of the kitchen system cites the traditional kitchen: All external surfaces - in the past exposed to the soot of the fire - are finished in black. The surface of the Platta is made of black anodized aluminum, the wooden surfaces of the Cascha and the Spensa are treated black translucent. And the insides of the different pieces are made from local oiled larch.

The kitchen system Cascha, the table Maisa, the bench banc and the stool taburet are available through Studio CRR. For measurements and details of the system, please contact the studio

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