Corporate Design
The Federal Authorities of the Swiss Federation

Federal Authorities of the Swiss Confederation

Studio CRR was invited to explore the potential of an entire corporate design program for the entity of the Federal Authorities of the Swiss Confederation. The proposed corporate design program conveyed a logomark concept that installed one single visual key element common to all departments — the heraldic form of the Swiss flag — to be accompanied by each department's unique context oriented pictogram series reflecting the departments business. The composed logomark allowed therefore great flexibility in regards to its application for the different offices within the Federal Authorities of the Swiss Confederation yet clearly branding each single office as part of the entity. The unique pictograms would be used in combination with a typographic bold abbreviation for each office complemented with a sub-heading bearing the full title of the office. Applying this branding strategy, the logomark may be applied in three different forms of use: a truely visual version consisting only out of the visual elements, an abbreviated version displaying a combination of the visual elements and the typographic bold abbreviation and a complete logomark version utilizing all logomark elements. The drafted logomark system is supported by a bespoke custom typeface, exclusive to the Federal Authorities of the Swiss Confederation distinguishing the unique design strategy of the drafted corporate design.

The project was developed in co-operation with Integral Ruedi Baur, Zurich and text control, Zurich.

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