Editorial Design
Berliner Festspiele


Studio CRR crafted a comprehensive publication concept – part of the corporate design program of the Berliner Festspiele – to compile a coherent visual communication of the festival within the overall visual language of the Berliner Festspiele. Thus, the developed concept shall provide the capabilities to generate and allow a visual as well as editorial interaction and reference among the individual festivals for the visual communication of the different festival becomes the core of the corporate design program of the Berliner Festspiele.

All publications are drafted to furnish a modular corporate publishing system: the proportions of the formats – the key publications consist out of a set of different format –, the functionality and the production have been defined globally. Thus the specific design of the different festival publications is individually developed allowing the festivals to customize their visual communication to transmit the different interests of each festival to their target audience although capitalizing on the benefits of global production processes.

Utilizing the visual benefits of the initiated publication concept, Studio CRR has developed a specific visual language for the Maerz Musik – festival for contemporary music applying a typographic structure and direction based on the typeface Akkurat, a photographic series referencing sound waves introducing the newly initiated color scheme black, white and red.

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