Interaction Design, Corporate Design

Rutschi AG — one of the leading providers in Switzerland of visual display systems — commissioned Studio CRR design a visual language for a new sub-brand focussing on the distribution and sale of adhesive decoration foils in large as well as small quantities.

Studio CRR helped Rutschi AG to capitalise on these resources, as well as to respond to a growing demand from a previously un-tapped customer base, by developing the sub-brand, Nettofolien. Studio CRR drafted a refreshing corporate design, utilizing the visual codes of sales to generate a precise and surprising visual image for the brand. An online shop, facilitates all the sales at discounted prices to small companies, artists, craftsman and other in­dividuals who require adhesive foils in significantly smaller quantities. Studio CRR consulted Rutschi AG on the online ordering, after sales strategies and incentive mechanism to continuously drive sales forward. In collaboration with Systematics, Studio CRR created a simple structured online platform allowing future expansion to accommodate a broadening range of products and offers.

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