Corporate Design
Road Department of the Canton of Zurich

Road Authorities

The increasingly apparent negative attitude of some motorists towards highway improvement works in the canton of Zurich was beginning to pose a danger to maintenance personal operating at roadside locations. The canton's highway department asked Studio CRR to develop a range of strategic design solutions in order to combat such problems. In collaboration with the Swiss testing and certification enterprise, Testex, we worked within the rigorous confines of the European standard for occupational safety clothing, EN 471, to develop a clothing system for maintenance workers which was a complete innovation in the current market. Highly specialized retroreflective decal designs for the road patrol vehicles were also created to correspond to the uniforms. The result was the clear differentiation of the canton highways unit from the private contractors, as well as the creation of a strong visual presence to enhance the overall authority of the department in areas where employees were working at risk.

The learnings, the enhanced visibility and the greater safety aspect of the design developed by Studio CRR have initiated a national discussion in regards to safety measures for the road authorities of the different cantons. In 2012, a law has been verified referring to the safety design developed by Studio CRR, which will allow all road authorities to make immediate use of the technologies introduced with this unique design project.

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