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Zürcher Hochschule der Künste — ZHdK

Space and Power

Together with the doctoral program for scenography of the Zurich University of the Arts, Studio CRR was commissioned to design the publication Space and Power: Monitoring Scenography 1 on the occasion of the first international symposium corresponding in name with the publication. The publication questions the role of scenographers dealing with complex power structures within public spaces. A set of different essays evaluating the topic Space and Power unites different perspectives on architecture and theater within one collection presenting thought after and realized positions around the discussed issues. A photographic Series pierces the publication visualizing the exemplary tendencies in momentary urban development utilizing the International City in Dubai as a reference.

Thea Brejzek, Wolfgang Greisenegger, Lawrence Wallen (ed.)
Text in English, 72 pages
15 colour illustrations
Zurich University of Arts
ISBN 978-3-906437-25-5

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